Oktalizer songs with bad size

Started by Asle, August 22, 2009, 03:30:47

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Hi all,

As announced on AMP front page, I'll check the sizes of the 113 Oktalizer files we have. There is a problem with Exotic Ripper for this format and it can sometime be wrong.
Should be done by Sunday.

Sorry about that.

PS: Prowiz4PC now rips them :)


ok, all files checked. 8 out of 113 were wrong   :-[
All 8 were updated. See the list in the update page on AMP (here)
Mostly ripped musics from either games or demo. All 8 have been re-ripped today ... yes, by me ... must go to bed now :(

So, now, all OKT on AMP are clean, size-wise :).