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Started by Asle, March 08, 2013, 16:37:16

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Back 1999, I wrote a depacker for the specific format that can be found in the musicdisk Phobia by Binary. I called it "Binary Packer" (heh). Then in 2007, Muerto asked me to add it to Prowiz, which I did (I think). Anyway, Curt Cool recently updated this prod on Kestra and noted the specific format.
I dug up my dusty sources and planed to work on it again. OK, so, I wanted a clean disk rip this time, but ... couldn't figure out the NDOS disk crunch format. I asked Cybfree for help and he wrote a decruncher in no time !! (you're the man).
My old conversion prog was based on memory rips. After checking, it's still valid. What was missing, however, was to retrieve all the musics, which is now done, thanks to Cybfree :).
Search for "Joe" in today's additions.

If anyone is interested in the format or some code, please just ask. As for the decrunch tool by Cybfree, please, contact him at his website ( - site in French, mostly) or here, as he reads this forum.



And now, there's another Binary production that has this format, again identified by Curt Cool : Brain Damage demo.
Two more ziks by Joe.
On my way to check AMP with these and update accordingly.