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Hi Sylvain,

I was just about to modify my signature but unfortunately I found this to be an impossible task. Entering the "Forum Profile Information" section of my profile I get to see just the first character of my current signature, i.e. "B" from "Best regards....".
Right below the signature input filed a message line says: Max 1; characters remaining: 0.

I hope this is just a bad aftereffect from the recent board restoration that can be fixed. ::)

uh ? well, let me check this. The update should not have had any impact, but ...

OK, should be fixed. for unknown reason, it was maxed at 1 indeed.

Excellent, you fixed it. :)

So I updated my signature right now with an FTP link to the new MODLAND home. This mirror provides all updates I uploaded since November 2012. The maintenance scripts aren't running yet which means no change-logs are created, also the upload folder currently is disabled until further notification.

All right. that's good news.
Looking forward to seeing modland running back to normal :)

Nice to hear Modland is still going.  Are you running Modland now and is Daniel still involved?


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