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Started by Asle, January 29, 2013, 06:39:09

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Yesterday, I've run through the Savage diskmags (by Futuris) that can be found here:
Aside the #3, which contains a "rar" sub file, I couldn't make anything out of it. I sent a mail to the address at the same website and await for a response.
However, if anyone has something about it, please, tell me :)



Is this the same as the ones from this thread?,354.0.html

Bottom of the thread...



OK, gave it another try and was more successful. I handled the first two issues and retrieved all 6 musics (2 which were already on-line).
issue 1 contained:
Depressed by Kopernik
ultra skies by Ninja
kingdom of shadows by Skuter (and Semen but not credited)

issue 2 contained:
hidden dimension by Dakota
notice me by Lesnik  (was already here)
ninety radians by KeyG  (was already here)

I'll continue and hope to get them all :)
PS: not sure I'll advertise here, though.


OK, I continue because there's a question :)

issue 4:
Placz Planety Ziemia by Veeroos
output gain by Lesnik  (was already on-line)
Mizzle by X-Ray  (was already on-line)

There was also some kind of compo result in this issue and the musics were provided. Rules were, apparently, XM/IT/MOD 4 channels under 100kb.
1. traheotomia by Traymuss
2. Rowerek by Maxus
3. crazy town by Dexedrine
4. I can fly! by Cactoos
5. Blast UP (Micro Mix) by Veeros

If anyone has an idea of the compo name, please share as I would complete the AMP entries by reflecting above results.


Issue 4

#> Legend Music Compo <#

Issue 5

<# TITLE #> legends two samples compo <# END #>

Not sure though.  Google translate not that great.


well, issue 4 contained result from compo organized in previous issue, that's sure. Issues 5 and 6 advertise again for a similar compo, though.

issue 5:
Sensuality by Alkor (stored as MO3)
Nylos lobe by Lesnik (was already on-line as XM.nylos - same music)
Wszystko Przemija... by Veeroos
Tekknologika by Veeroos

issue 6:
Moons of iremar by Yero
Blue by Yero
MultiFrequenced by KeyG  (was already on-line)
Red Sands by Carmazine
Cryogen Chip by Traymuss  (was already on-line)
Grudge by Lesnik (slightly different the version on-line)


OK, here's issue 7 stuff. It also comes with a compo, although, from what I can grasp, it seems related to issues 5 and 6 only.

issue 7:
groovy by Yero
BomberWoman by Lesnik  (was already on-line)
Restriction by KeyG  (was already on-line)
Cuddle you teddy by KeyG  (was already on-line)
Space Dreams by Yero
Low Water X-Ray  (was already on-line)

compo (only the 3 first musics are given in the mag) :
Miejsce 1: Maxus (Robbo) - here
Miejsce 2: Reddline (iff we have) - here
Miejsce 3: Maxus (Wyprawa) - here
Miejsce 4: Shyz (Loop 2: cafe piano)
Miejsce 5: Cactoos (pink mouse)
Miejsce 6: PSK (Dziki kompot)
Miejsce 7: AceMan (Stellar bay)
Miejsce 8: Xtense (Piano roll)
Miejsce 9: Grogon (rubby shoes)
Miejsce 10: Carmazine (Patrz¹c w niebo)
Miejsce 11: Xtense (Imperial tunes)

EDIT: here's the beginning of the article, such as saved within the mag (hit F2 when reading):
Music Compo - Wyniki

Przedstawiamy dzisiaj po³¹czone wyniki music compo z numeru 5 i 6 – które to wczeœniej nie ukaza³y siê w wyniku pewnego zamieszania organizacyjnego. Prac nadesz³o ca³kiem sporo, a ich poziom jest pozytywnie wysoki. Dwie prace zosta³y zdyskwalifikowane z powodu nie przestrzegania zasad.


Prace ocenia³a komisja w sk³adzie:
- Biter / Futuris ^ Marsmellow
- Costa / Marsmellow


issue 8:
Midnight by Skuter
Savage Gardens by Veeroos
Golden by Yero
Genuine by Traymuss
Realize the truth by AceMan  (stored as MO3 - was already on-line)
Day and Night by Skuter  (untempered version)
Recall of the past by AceMan

another compo result, without file :
Music Compo - Wyniki

Prac nadesz³o ca³kiem sporo, a ich poziom ca³kiem wysoki.


Prace ocenia³a komisja w sk³adzie:
- Willy / Czarny Jobacz
- Voyager / DarkLight ^ Nah-Kolor ^ PicSaintLoup ^ Tropyx(C64) ^ ZyReX(ZX)


Miejsce 1: Veeroos (Resting on the BeachSlowo - obietnica)
Miejsce 2: Xtense (Utrata)
Miejsce 3: Traymuss (Apache)
Miejsce 4: Alkor (Postfestus entry)
Miejsce 5: Traymuss (la)
Miejsce 6: Xtense (Resting on the Beach)
Miejsce 7: Carmazine (Bezsenna)
Miejsce 8: Shyz (amOk2)
Miejsce 9: Shyz (Just simply loop)

It also comes with a vote tools 'savage_vote.exe' which contains lavaza by Traymuss which was already on-line.

Note that there's also some "" compo result. The musics are not in the mag, but given as FTP links. None works now, unfortunately.


issue 9:
Faerie by Lamb (MP3)
Golden west by Traymuss
somewhere by Ninja
Brightness by Ninja
Spirytual by Traymuss  (was already on-line)
Simply Superior by Yero

issue chart 1:
influence by Traymuss
rock po roku by Traymuss
valencia nights by Yero
genuine - next part by Traymuss  (was already on-line)

2 more charts issues to go ... pfiew


issue chart 2:
Savage by Trybeo  (MP3)
Kulumbus by Traymuss
Creation mmimm by Traymuss
Respect by Traymuss  (was already on-line)

issue chart 3:
savage 3 by Trybeo & Michael Wave (MP3)
beyond imagination by Lamb  (MP3)

There's also a vote tool in both which contains moonflow by Traymuss.

All done now for this Savage diskmag.