Anyone know the name of the .MOD used on this video?

Started by codeFX, April 29, 2013, 17:56:45

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At 3:36

This video is a true classic coming from Brazil.

At the time it was made to spread the Amiga in Brazil.

At this time too the PCI has not had the license to sell the Commodore Amiga in Brazil, so that there is no Amiga 500 (500 plus too) official in Brazil, only A600, A1200 and A4000.

I saw this video (around 1989) and went to sold my Expert XP800 (MSX 1.0), to try to put an amount of approximately $ 1,000, but Expert only cost $ 50!!

Only in 1992 I managed to buy an Amiga 500 for $ 500, so even with only 512Kb.

Old times!!



Man, I don't think I've been this frustrated in quite some time ! Been searching for hours !
Anyway, found it, in the end, and it's by Enno & FDT / Alpha Flight (STK.papermix).
It's coming from this demo.

Fun video. Too bad I don't understand a single word :)




Thanks a lot!

I remember I had this song in HD A1200 of a friend, but lost after the HD has gone bad.

Thank you again!

About the vĂ­deo :

Unfortunately there are no subtitles for the video, but if I have time I subtitle it in English.

The Portuguese that Luiz F. Moraes uses is quite easy to translate.

Speaking of him, he was responsible for (among other things) the game Barravento, whose music was composed by my friend Juler.

See ya!


Now, that's interesting ! You see, this is an AMOS game and the musics are in this AmBK (AMOS Music Bank). Do you think you could ask your friend to provide us with the original protracker music ?

And I'm glad I was able to help. I recognized the song the second I heard it, but wasn't able to locate it. I just HAD to find it :)



You are asking for the in-game music?

Maybe I have them on an HD in Amiga or disks (5 1/4), I need to search them, can you wait?

I remember that at the time the Juler had to take many effects of the songs he did because the player did not support the AMOS.

The main song (mod.sampa), was one that needed to be adapted.

Some Juler Stuff and Snake Org (our old group).


Well, the game contains the following
ABK.barravento-abert  (intro music)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA5)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA6)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA7)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA8)    (sub file DATA9)

Hence my demand to track down the Protracker originals :). If you can help, that would be great !

All the best


Hi, I have been searched but not found yet.

The main tune (mod.sampa), I'm sure to have (in any place).

The others I don't know because Luiz don't distribute anything about Discovery Software.

Juler sell the work to Discovery, so he don't have too.

Well, when possible I search again.

See ya.


That's all right. You raised the point so I had to ask :)
Thanks for having searched.