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Anyone know the name of the .MOD used on this video?

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Well, the game contains the following
ABK.barravento-abert  (intro music)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA5)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA6)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA7)
ABK.barravento-track  (sub file DATA8)    (sub file DATA9)

Hence my demand to track down the Protracker originals :). If you can help, that would be great !

All the best

Hi, I have been searched but not found yet.

The main tune (mod.sampa), I'm sure to have (in any place).

The others I don't know because Luiz don't distribute anything about Discovery Software.

Juler sell the work to Discovery, so he don't have too.

Well, when possible I search again.

See ya.

That's all right. You raised the point so I had to ask :)
Thanks for having searched.


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