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Greetings from Wally (Spain)

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Hello everybody,

I've been an AMP user during last years and decided to register to be able to contribute a little to the site.

I did some modules on PC back from 1995 to 2005, which I think they are almost all in the database already and I was one of the founders of TLOTB group.

Throughout the years I used plenty of different trackers, ranging from WhackerTracker or ScreamTracker 2 to the more recent Skale Tracker, but my releases were mainly tracked in ST3 and FT2 (never really an IT fan).

I just wanted to thank the AMP staff for creating and keeping this project alive.

Hello and welcome :)
If I compile some questions for you, would you mind answering them ? (all about your tracking days ;) )

Yes, I will be glad to  :).

All right. Please hold on until the week-end. Just too much to do until then.
And thanks for the uploaded musics (I figured it was you ;) )



--- Quote ---And thanks for the uploaded musics (I figured it was you  )
--- End quote ---

Now I have my modlist in database format, I have been running a few dupe queries over it. Jesus, another 200-300 modules with slight variations in them that were dupes.

The Wally modules came about as I had all modules by Wally grouped together, not realising there were 3 different Wally's. Now sorted and the 5 uploaded AMP didn't have.  ;)


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