Author Topic: Mortal Melodies 2 by CNCD  (Read 38154 times)

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Mortal Melodies 2 by CNCD
« on: May 12, 2013, 16:50:34 »
This one is more aimed at Asle as the MDisk is over at

"mod.lizardking" by Groo & "mod.mortal melodies" by Dizzy & Groo @AMP

While hunting for dupes I came across both these versions here at AMP, same as what I had, but my version of the Dizzy & Groo is slightly different as it comes with credits by the person who ripped it. See ModInfo attached...

Are these both ripped from the musicdisk?  I'm only asking as the notes over at Bitworld mentions the modules have subsongs? and the one I have plays exactly the same anyway.....

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Re: Mortal Melodies 2 by CNCD
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2013, 19:17:09 »
Right, well, first of all, Protracker doesn't handle subsongs. It's only a trick by a combination of D and/or B fx commands.
Now, the modinfo reflects only a sample text change. The file is otherwise similar.
In order to actually play the "subsongs", you either have to use a tracker and start playing at the position described in your modinfo, or use Deliplayer, which recognizes the trick and allows to play these.

Regarding the musics, yes, I confirm they come from the Amiga prod you mention, and I stand by the comments made there (which are mine, anyway :) ).