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Hi all,

 Darth Nefelim notified me about the unfortunate end of the great site, that happened last month. I feel sorry such a respected, historic collection closes down. Still, a big thank you to its admins/users for the good dozen years of success.
 With that, here follows the end message as written by Yero:

--- Quote ---Dear friends,

After more than ten years (2000-2013) providing a meeting point for musicians of the modscene, has been closed down. During all this time the site has hosted more than 1400 artists, 4700 tunes, 4000 comments, 200 news and 100 forum topics, which prove the success of our community.

However, during the last four years the site has suffered from a severe decrease in activity, which follows the trend of other modscene and demoscene sites in general.

We hope that all you had a good time in, and that you remember those times with fond :)

Finally, I want to thank the people who have worked hard first to build the site and then to maintain this site and the IRC channel active, specially to Herotyc, Likuid, sole, JosSs, Alpha C, DSteele, and Sergeeo, and also to Mityorn and Recena for the hosting at and scenesp, respectively.

--- End quote ---

Shame.  :(

I used to visit there a lot back in the day.  Isn't it mirrored over at Scene.Org?


--- Quote from: Axxy on May 23, 2013, 22:45:24 ---Shame.  :(

I used to visit there a lot back in the day.  Isn't it mirrored over at Scene.Org?

--- End quote ---

The URL for Modulez FTP mirror should be:
(couldn't post the ftp:// URL without screwing SMF  :o)

Modulez was more than just musics. Still, this mirror is something already :)
And sorry about the FTP link with SMF. We were not able to find a solution for these kind of links.

There's also a static snapshot of the website at


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