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Is there a quick way to either decompress these or load them into a player (PC) that can then save them out without resorting to emulation?

I know of no player/tracker that handle any stonecracker data (on PC).
As for P61a converter, well, I know of at least one :) ... if samples aren't packed, that is.

xmp should have support for various The Player formats, including p61a.


--- Quote --- * The_Player_6.1a.c   1998 (c) Asle / ReDoX
 *         Modified by Claudio Matsuoka
--- End quote ---

I have ripped a few mods in s404 and p61a format.  Some I can drop on XMPlay or Brzplayer and they play ok, some aren't recognised at all.  I can't tell if in fact they are datafiles or mods at the moment.  What I was wondering, was there a tool for the PC to decompress them in order to check what they were?  Also, the players don't allow them to be saved in a playable module format that are recognised.

--- Quote ---As for P61a converter, well, I know of at least one  ... if samples aren't packed, that is.
--- End quote ---

This is where the files come from!  ;)

Same reply as before. I know of no tool on PC that will save a P61A and/or aS404 packed mod to a standard mod.
priestessofstorm.p61 is a P61A with packed sample
tribal_trouble.p61 is a S404, containing a P61A

Second one converts OK with Prowiz. First one, well, I'd use The Player on Amiga :)

For both, I'd track the author and ask for the originals :D


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