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Absolute Utah Saints Fan Club Intro secret part


secret part for Utah Saints/Absolute

press joystick Fire button during last part. But don't work fine with winuae, seems to works on a real a4000 with 512k chip 512k fast A500 config, but gfx are trashed, only message box works

This demo run fine on winuae with A1200 config.

yep, but the hidden part reboot with winuae 2.5.1

I tested with last winuae 2.6.1 and the hidden part work fine :

fire button at end part

tips : if you start the demo in A500 config, you can see only the background picture of the hidden part

ok, updated the prod on Kestra 2. Didn't try it yet, though.
btw, prod is here now :

edit :
winuae 2.6.1 (not 2.1.6)


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