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wanted: empire cracktro music


I used to play quite a bit of Empire - the wargame of the century back in the day. There was a short intro/cracktro shown when disk was inserted, I think it had a scenery, maybe a tree in a sunset (I might have it wrong though) and a rather large scroller. Can't recollect which group it was by or any other particular details. I really liked the music and often just put on the intro for that, not even intending to play the game. Does the description ring a bell with anyone?

This one?
bye bye

I do not think it is this. I'm pretty confident about the sunset / tree graphical theme plus the tune is not right. Maybe I need to dig through cracktros with gallery search on in BitWorld, that might help. Any hints still welcome.

Heh some search wizardry with google images and I managed to identify the thing I was looking for: It was Thrust's sunset glow, and the mod is axk10 by Axk. Man it is nice to hear it again.


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