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Started by Asle, September 17, 2010, 21:25:01

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In today's additions, there are some Atari ST protracker musics I've ripped in the past couple of days, or so.
As nobody knows, nor cares, I'm from the Atari ST world, and got my 520 STF long before I put my hands on an Amiga :). Anyway, I wanted to test this SteeM emulator and remembered the "old" screens I used to like. Among those, there were a couple of Fuzion CD screens which I really liked. So, I got to their shrine and started retrieving CD :). In the end, I grabbed all 198 and ripped all the musics there was to rip (meaning not ST soundchip, Amiga ripped music, etc.). They are all now on AMP.
However, I struggled to identify more appropriately the authors. Basically, there was Cougar (never a Fuzion member but a friend of fulcrum .. might be French), Dump (member of Fuzion and probably French), ST Mixes (already known) and Alan Parker (also already known).
So, who are Cougar and Dump :). Any insight, here, would be nice.

Finally, this was no stroll in the pasture to rip those. The first ones had reversed sample data !, meaning the player read them backward, not forward ! also aside the signed->unsigned usual problem, there was the header which had invalid sample sizes. Last, almost all the files had a 640 bytes span between samples and a fake sample loop size of ... 640 bytes :).

Anyway, it's done and I'm happy to have seen again those screens. I'll take a look at the Automation CDs now :)



hum .. Automation packs ... woaw, 512 of them :).
Again, mostly soundchip, but, also quite a few TCB tracker musics. However, not many were original, coming from the Amiga and being converted to this tracker format. There were a few Quartet musics, also. I ended up with _one_ protracker music, which went uncredited (CD 385 - mod.megazak).
I've run all the menus and credits clearly was not what these English guys had in mind. Coders were almost always credited, also the ripper of the musics were sometimes credited, but the musicians ... almost never. Bah.
So, I came up empty on these. Too bad. Still, I saw some rather nice screens :)



Bah ... nobody told me about the Fading Twilight CDs :(.
So, Cougar = Dump :).
OK, I'll update AMP. I don't know how they grabbed that many musics from him, but it's cool to see there's room for improvement on AMP (as usual !).

And I spent hours ripping those Fuzion CDs ... hehe. Anyway, that was fun.



Hey Asle,

here's "lotek style"... creator of the Fading Twilight archive :) Well atleast CROWN knows about it as we were in touch
some years ago :)

Sorry that you did all the work "again" :) I've gone through all the fuzion cds a while ago and ripped all the mods by DUMP.
All the other mods (lots of exclusive stuff) from DUMP in my archive were supplied by members of Positivity (the legal
spin-off from Fuzion ;) )... you should also add NIKOM as alternative nick to DUMP entry aswell as Positivity as group.

So if you have any other questions about Atari ST/Falcon mods feel free to ask :)




fading twilight - [url="//"][/url]
the sirius cybernetics corporation - [url="//"][/url]


Thanks for the clarification :)
And, as you well know, the fun is in the hunt, not the kill ;D.