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Started by swirlythingy, July 12, 2013, 17:13:00

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Only 76 downloads for doitnow by Terrorizer?  Tragic.  "Amiga Hardcore" (yes, that's a genre) at its best.


Is this an old or a new mod (the author failed to add proper sample text)? It sound really oldskool (`90). Personally I would it call "Amiga Techno" not "Amiga Hardcore". :) And don`t overvalue amount of downloads.


Great topic indeed!

Sometimes I have a feeling there are some great mods around that only I know about :) Yeah, I know, that's probably not true – AMP guys heard more modules than anyone of us.

Let's go then. I decided to start with polish and rather not so popular musicians.

The first one is Pavelo.

Old polish musician known as a member of Luzers group in 1990-1993. He is a kinda mysterious guy to me; I have never met or even seen him.


A track heavily inspired by Vienna by Ultravox. It was used in Ala Ma Kota magazine, I remember listening to it for hours.

Another Baalsong

This is a track in the vein of early 90's Amiga music. So carefree and relaxed... It was used in Defene cos tam – a demo by Luzers if I remember correctly. Can't find it online though.

The second is Roberts.

His music have always sounded "non-polish" to me and I bet he could be a star if he had more luck. Awesome talent. Interesting fact for future encyclopedians – Roberts played some of the guitars in my Smoke and Mirrors demo soundtrack :)

Space Travels

Another one is Mobby.

I've heard his songs in Antydresiarz magazine and instantly fell in love with his joyous, melodious funky tunes.

Funky Orange

And the next one is Don Diavolo.

Overvision 3

Great track from Blaze demo. Original track title is "Fioot".


Very nice, melodious track from Old'n'Cold pack (can't find it online, maybe it was only planned and never released, dunno).

And then we have Dixan05.

For a long time I have been looking for a certain track; I had the melody and samples still in my head after all those years. And I knew it was done by Dixan05. Seemed like it disappeared. But suddenly, few days ago, I've found it on AMP. What a joy it was! Thanks to the person who uploaded it.