Who is the real Timelord?

Started by Saga, July 12, 2013, 23:08:56

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A bit more than a month ago, the people at The Mod Archive have been contacted by two persons claiming to be the same tracker artist called [artist]1218[/artist]. This battle has been fought out on Amiga Music Preservation before in 2006, but the AMP admins decided to stay neutral after it has been brought up again in 2013.
I was curious because I really like Timelord's music and so I've done a bit of investigation to find out who's lying. I'm rather confident that I've found the liar and want everyone to be aware of the "real" Timelord, so here's the story I've written about it: http://sagamusix.de/other/timelord/ - I think there's no reason for AMP to stay neutral anymore after reading those findings.


It's a thorough investigation all right. Well done !
I'm sorry about Crown's lack of feedback. Despite several demands, he wouldn't find the time to search through his mails.


OK, with delay (geee), it's all updated and hopefully fixed.