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about the hidden part of "40kb tracktro" by Arise (edit)



there is a supposed hidden part in the demo "40kb tracktro/Arise" :

the way to access it is to press one time the LMB after the intro (trouble tunnel part) until the end part (credits part).

--- Code: ---endpart:
 lea flaghiddenpart,a0
 tst.b (a0)
 bne hiddenpart ; goto hidden part if flag=1
 ... ; load and start end part
;------ vbl
 btst #6,$bfe001
 beq LMB ; if LMB pressed goto endvbl
 lea flaghiddenpart,a0
 clr.b (a0) ; if LMB not pressed, flag=0

flaghiddenpart dc.b 1 ; set to 1 at start

--- End code ---

Works only if you keep LMB pressed during the whole intro (from Tunnel trouble to end of credits part) ! too long  :-\

here is an alternative version. only press LMB one time now  :

woaw, nice !
OK, I've updated the prod on "kestra 2" now :)
Oh, and the music was already on AMP here.


post edited : i'm wrong, no awake

for hidden part, keep LMB pressed during the whole intro : start before "trouble tunnel" part until the end of credits part

my "fixed" version avoids keeping lmb pressed too long time  ;D

tips : use 68020+ for improved parts ("triple trouble tunnel", "line tunnel", "dots tunnel", "greetings")


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