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4champ app 1.2 now released. This version adds support for STK modules, and brings hundreds of old school mods to your iPhone/iPad. See more in iTunes:

I will be posting info on this thread whenever there is new stuff available. At the moment I'm working to support iOS7.

4champ 1.3 is out!

The new version migrates the app to all new iOS7 looks and brings a new cool feature: 4champ radio is your personal jukebox that will shuffle tunes from the full AMP catalog to your device. Check it out in the App Store!

4champ 1.4 is now in app store. This version contains some graphical updates, bug fixes, and most importantly a feature to share what you're listening to with others. Download from app store:

4champ is a module player application for iPhone/iPad that allows you to search&download modules from the AMP database and play them back in the mobile device.

Just FYI: 4champ full version is free this weekend (13th to 15th of June 2014) - If you have been pondering purchase, now it is your chance. Download from iTunes (if not already done so) and activate full version on the About tab. Happy listening!

4champ 1.5 now released to App Store. The new version has two new "channels" in the radio - New in AMP plays most recent additions in the database. Local plays mods that have been stored to device - great for offline use once you've collected some favourites into your own playlists.

In addition there's better control in adding tunes to playlists (try long tapping a module) + some bug fixes. To celebrate the new release, full version is free until next sunday (14th of September). Enjoy!


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