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It's been taking more time than I anticipated to get the localisation going, but now I've got German, Norwegian, Danish, Russian and Finnish covered. If anyone here interested to participate in 4champ localisation beta, drop me a PM in twitter (@4champ_app) or in mail sitomani at The beta has shuffle mode for playlists + the aforementioned localisations included.

Plan is to have the update in App Store at the time of Assembly 2015.

Aaaaaannnd it's online - 4champ 1.8 released, available for download in iTunes (Go to to download). Now localised in Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German and Russian! The full version in-app-purchase is free during this week, till the end of Assembly 2015 party!

4champ 1.9 now in App Store - this update brings new modules notification, opt in on the radio tab. The full version in-app purchase also free for next two weeks. Enjoy!

New version expected soon  ???

@charlie90 did you miss the free full version by a day? :D Don't worry I'm releasing Spanish localisation soon and will put it free again for a week. I'm also planning to change the in-app-purchase into more like a sponsoring function; From 2.0 version the free app will have all features, but it'll have a consumable in-app-purchase for people who want to support development.


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