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4champ 1.6 now in App Store! This update adds in-app settings where you can adjust some playback parameters like stereo separation, bass boost and surround. You can also control how 4champ treats downloaded mods when you clear playlists. Either keep all downloaded mods or delete the mods that are no longer referenced/favorited when you clear a playlist.

4champ 1.6 integrates with Google Analytics, and at first launch you'll be asked whether you want to help making the app better by allowing anonymous data collection or opt out - your choice! This you can also change later in settings should you change your mind.

As with previous release, the full version will be free for about a week until Nov 23. To get the full version, navigate to About tab in the app and just tap Buy Full Version button. Also don't forget to follow @4champ_app for updates, great module shares and other related stuff.

I hope you enjoy the app. If you have a minute to spare, please consider writing a review in App Store - it would be greatly appreciated.

 4champ 1.7 released to App Store! The new version is the first 64-bit build, and has crisp & clear gfx for iPhone 6+ users. In addition some minor feature improvements (e.g. you can now rename playlists) and bug fixes. Activate full version for free this week (on About page of the app). Go to to download.

I'll be participating in Assembly 2015 in Helsinki at the beginning of August. If you're also coming, please pay a visit to the oldskool area find the 4champ (I'm going to have some sort of poster/flyers) - it'd be nice to see you guys there.

Hi florist,

if you are interested in tunes for testing the replays you are using feel free to check my uade test repository. I'm putting some 4ch Amiga mod files online, which extensively use Protracker effects, bug and features to check support of different mod engines:

all the best at Assembly,

mld/uade team

Thanks mld, will have to look at your test mods. 4champ playback is currently done with LibModPlug, and I'm painfully aware of its limitations. Incorporating other player engines is in the plan for future updates. So much to do, so little time.


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