Started by Saga, September 19, 2013, 20:02:12

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There seem to be two IModes, one from Hungary (extrapolating this from the fact that he's in Exceed and participated in several Hungarian demoparties, and that's the information we have on Demozoo as well), and one from the US (Aaron Yee) from the group Teklordz. At least I assume that they are two distinct persons. The one from the US also seems to go by the name "IonianMode". Or does someone know for sure that they are the same person?


I think they are both the same person but I can't be sure.  The ones I have mention Exceed / Sound Devotion / Shadow Music etc. especially those with Outshined but don't use his RL name, except one of them in co-op with Outshine, so I assumed they were all by the same Imode.

I can't see any info in any of the modules that mention he comes from Hungary, unless it's one I don't have.

I've also only seen one of the mods mention Ionian Mode as a credit, so maybe that's the proper nickname but the other 16 use Imode..


It's a bit peculiar that the mentions of Exceed and Teklordz are pretty much mutually exclusive, though; If it's the same person, he most likely has moved between the two continents, since he participated in quite a few European demoparties. Or maybe he let his friends submit the tunes :)
This one's not on AMP, saying that it's Aaron's first release. Doesn't really help that the (possibly) "other" IMode has no releases before that, too. This one also mentions his real name.
This one would confirm that it's the same person, I guess...