Hello from Photon of Phenomena :)

Started by Photon, May 14, 2014, 21:51:14

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I contacted Crown/CRB years ago, but I *think* this is my first ever forum post!

And actually I was in Scoopex at that time, but Crown asked me for modules and the modules I made were mostly from my time in Phenomena, 1989-1991. So anyway, hi. :)

In music I like many styles, from Jarre to Jarrett (not his jazz/bebop stuff tho). I even like a few dubstep, hip-hop and rap songs! Hehe. I also kinda think Italo / 12" / Spacesynth is kinda nice, even though my love goes to tight instrumental songs, usually have synth in them, and Bach, Händel and Boccherini and some other classical composers including modern ones, and Kitsune Maison.

As far as my modules go, I've only competed with 1 or 2 of them. My style then was usually just using the samples available until I got my first synth, Juno-106 and sampled patches that I programmed on it. Still have it :) So my latest modules here have a more synthy sound.

Then after 1991 the Amiga sort of collapsed and I started my worklife. Lately I've made a few PT songs and a few synth songs for tiny intros with my software synth 1Klång. Right now I'm recording a Protracker tutorial for Youtube where I show how to make a song... so I'm getting back up to speed, watch out :P