Amiga, PC, Atari, C64 Group Logos

Started by Crown, September 07, 2009, 19:44:25

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Asle and Monty have worked hard so that Amiga group logos will now be part of the database.

As such we're searching for group logos (PNG) from demos, etc.

Please drop me an email if you have logo collections and/or questions


great !  :D

try to contact anarkhya. I think he have many logo for his graphic reprocessing  ;)
[url=]Amiga Vibes Demoscene podcast[/url]




Hey, thanks for the links. Some nice ones in there.
Though, as usual, the problem is not getting logos anymore, but having crown send them to us ... (smells like interviews, right ?)

Still, thanks again :)


Hi guys,

Simply set an admin interface for logos and I'll upload the +1000 logos that are ready.  :)


right, and I bet Jupiter's not correctly set in the sky to upload interviews ...  ::)
please, dream some more ...


I have indeed a huge collection of logos mainly in iff/ilbm format. They are (for the most part) named with author/name /date (if found) of piece. Imho, i warn you about being too confident about png, mainly because png format do not record amiga screen mode (lores, half-brite, laced and so on...) utilized by the picture. proggies like Xnview read and manage iff/ilbm without problems (though there are occasionnal glitchy pics which need to be loaded/resaved by dpaint or brilliance).
I would be happy to share these pics with you, amiga gfx preservation ;) is one of my hobbies!


Hi Anarkhya,

Could you send them to me. that would be cool.  :)


I'll send you my iff files in a week or two as i don't have a full web access (only smartphone :( ). do i use the same mail adress we already using to communicate?


Here is the package:
Link fixed on 12 jun 2010
contact me if download link is broken!

Amiga Demoscene IFF Logos by various artists v0.1

v0.1 contains 582 logos
filenames normally follow this structure: "artist - picture title (production by Demogroup)(date)(screenmode)(colorcount).filetype"
eg: Facet - Lemon. logo (Announce Demo By Lemon.)(19-03-1993)(LoRes8)(8colors).iff

special codes used: (NIFIF)= No Image Found in File when loaded into Brilliance

Wishlist for future versions:
* find and remove "not amiga logos" (eg. PC demoscene or Atari demoscene)
* load remaining files in dpaint to complete screenmodes infos
* find out dates and complete "in production by demogroup" infos
* find out who are the "unknown" and "unknown but signed" artists
* find out which are "copy!" and "no_copy!" logos

responsible for this package are:

various rippers/uploaders on ftp amigascene and aminet

corrections, additions, infos ?

contact me by mail:

or private message:


Hi mate,

thanks for the great package. I have downloaded it and will share it with my mates.

Asle has been adding a significant amount of logos for the groups starting with a "v"   :)


Quote from: Anarkhya on February 13, 2010, 20:15:05various rippers/uploaders on ftp amigascene
That would be me, for the most part ...


@asle: btw, whats the easiest way to extract iff/ilbm files stored in demos (using winuae)?


Quote from: Anarkhya on February 16, 2010, 20:16:32@asle: btw, whats the easiest way to extract iff/ilbm files stored in demos (using winuae)?
Ah, if only it was IFF all the time :). That would be great !
"FORM" followed by the size ...
No, I'm afraid the IFF are conversion results. In demo, it's not often you find IFF pictures.
I'm using various tools to extract them. WinUAE is great in case of palette problems, but usually, it's straight from the file. The most useful tool is probably "Graphics Ripper" by Tomaz Kac, on Windows. There's a "deluxe" version that is anything but usable, as far as I could see. Go check EAB forum for details where to grab the latest version. I don't seem to find it, here.
Most of the time, I'm using similar tools on Amiga directly. There are too many to list, however :(.



then i'll search for this graphic ripper, I once tried to use sprite (or blitter) ripper but it was uneasy to handle...
When you say conversion results, you mean the file ripped is not iff by essence but just an iff output? I dont get it.. My only purpose is to extract the original picture displayed by the demo in order to preserve the picture infos (especially screenmode and possible comment recorded into the pic). I'm not satisfied anymore by the winuae screenshot function because of that, png capture misses the real integrity of the pictures... I wish there were a ripper like prowizard in winuae that could locate and autorip amiga pictures! dont you want to code stg like this? :D