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Asle and Monty have worked hard so that Amiga group logos will now be part of the database.

As such we're searching for group logos (PNG) from demos, etc.

Please drop me an email if you have logo collections and/or questions

great !  :D

try to contact anarkhya. I think he have many logo for his graphic reprocessing  ;)

Well you can try these places if you haven't already ;)

Not sure what format they're in although I do believe some are definitely .PNG :)

Hey, thanks for the links. Some nice ones in there.
Though, as usual, the problem is not getting logos anymore, but having crown send them to us ... (smells like interviews, right ?)

Still, thanks again :)

Hi guys,

Simply set an admin interface for logos and I'll upload the +1000 logos that are ready.  :)


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