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Looking for a demo (had Fred's Neon Lights mod in it)

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Hi there!

After looking for it for years i finally found the mod i was looking for was Freds 'Neon Lights'.
I'm still looking for the demo the music was in, but the only thing i'm remembering is that
the demo had a funny reset-part.... When you made a reset you heard some people laughing  ;D

Maybe someone can remember it?


I remember this part with the laughing guys...

Maybe the WildCopper Megademo (much more a compilation of small demos)?


Thanks for trying to help, but it wasnt the Wild Copper Megademo.


only known prod with this music is the following one :
Music Examples 2 by Ackerlight

and you probably meant the "megalo demo" by Tecsoft :)
However, while there's this funny reset part, there's no Fred music in it. Only Pat.


I knew there was the funny reset part in this release.

It's unforgettable, great parts, great musics, funny scrolltexts, but I never knew it was a "tecsoft" production, on my floppy I wrote "Wild Copper", it was one the very first Amiga demo I got and it still on the same 20 years old floppy!

And by the way, each Fred's music-disk is a must-have.


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