New to tracking on Amiga

Started by jmph, December 08, 2014, 20:44:25

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Hey guys!

I'm mostly a PC (Impulse Tracker) musician but I just scored myself a nice CDTV setup that I'd like to use for music production. I'm not really sure how to start on this thing so I need some recommendations.

I want to control MIDI instruments (and use samples), so I'm thinking OctaMed, Music-X and maybe AHX & PT-1210 ;) - or are there better tracker/sequencers kicking around?

Can I just burn Workbench and a bunch of trackers & samples onto a CD and make it bootable?

My machine is a completely standard CDTV so ECS, 1MB, KS/WB 1.3, etc. Should I be looking into some upgrades? What kind of RAM should I add (chip/fast/slow??)

Any advice is appreciated!

^^ Came with a ton of floppies and CDs too


As far as I know a CDTV is more or less the same as an A500 but with CD-Rom. The upgrade possibilities are also unknown to me. For tracking 2MB chipram and some fastram is very useful. For 4 channel only tracking the 68000 might be good enough. Midi only might also work. Midi + samples would need more power. Most people say BarsnPipes is a good (the best) midi programm.