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There's a .mod file that I'm looking for. It's called "mod.bright" or "bright.mod". Here's a description of the file: Bright.mod lasts for nearly 4 minutes and the file size might be between 60kb & 70kb. This was downloaded from the GEnie BBS in late 1992. I've spent so many years looking for this, and I still can't find it. I have an MP3 copy of this song from a tape that I still have. I'll include a link to it with this message. I was given permission from Stone Oakvalley Studios to use the following link:

Sam Miller

Could you please verify the link, I receive a "404" error.

Did you check this file anyway?:

It's called Bright, composed by Hollywood.

The link didn't cut & paste properly. I did check the correct link to the file, and I just got the same error. It's hard to tell from time to time whether or not the link will work. I e-mailed the mp3 to Stone Oakvalley Studios. His website has a message up:

We are sorry but only a few files are avaiilbe through our fast mirror hosted at we are currently in progress transfering files. We expect to be fully online during 12-18 october so until then it seems you have to get your fix somewhere else... sorry folks! you can still search and try out the new interface - please reports bugs to our forums at and we will try to fix them as soon as possible also if you have some oppinions about the new website you are more than welcome to share them with us! NOTE: This system is currently under heavy developemet and under testing.

Here's the correct link:

I'll keep checking the link as well to, and I apologize for the wrong link.

Hey everyone,

I forgot to see what the upload limit for this forum was. Here's the song, plus the binary and sample data.


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