Waffle Hour

Started by hyperunknown, February 12, 2015, 08:09:56

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Incorrect song name "Waffle our"; it's actually "Waffle Hour".
It's listed as "Waffle Hour" in the M&K musicdisk "His Master's Noise" (also, a small part of this track is the actual intro track for the musicdisk itself).
The metadata of the module seems to be a little bit corrupt too as it says "Waffle our", but the rest of the song is intact.

Just saying :)

// hyperunknown



Well, this is a recurrent issue we must face. The song is indeed titled 'waffle hour' in the music disk. However, it is 'waffle our' in the file. I even checked on Mahoney's page in his entire MOD collection (here). You can see for yourself the difference between the title and the filename.
The issue is, as usual, the difference between the intended title and the title that is actually set. AMP stores invariably the set title, unless there's no title at all.

Oh, and the format is actually a special version of Noisetracker (M&K.)


PS: and thanks for the feedback :)