uploads (2015-02)

Started by Asle, February 21, 2015, 10:53:07

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Long time I didn't post about uploads.
Just wanted to renew our usual thanks to all uploaders :)

Also, we received a Chris_Maeland.zip containing a nice ~3Mb XM by Chris Maeland and ... malta.mod
For the record, the original name of this protracker is mod.actual_reality :)


I don't usually advertise the uploads I delete. Here's one anyway:
short_dream_(adamsoft_of_psl).zip  (18-mar-2015)
This chiptune is NOT by Adamsoft. It's by Nugget/Rebels and it's called 'MOD.all frustration'.

Well, thanks for submitting anyway :) BTW, please share a note so that I can contact you back. There's no note/contact here. I would have sent this reply to the uploader otherwise :)