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and upon further tests, I confirm the 's' function does save from memory (i.e. all 4 first bytes of each sample is cleared).
So, double kuddos for this decrypting tool !

On my way throughout all the UP musicdisks now. yeah !

You're welcome, and I'm happy to hear the tool gets some serious action right away. :)

But I'm confused about the 's' function now. I ran my tool on one of the encrypted modules and got one file, then saved the same module with 's' command. I did bit-by-bit comparison and the files were identical. Or did I just manage to pick a module which is not affected by clearing the first 4 bytes (and shouldn't that be 2 bytes if we are talking about the repeat info)?

OK, I assumed the files we stored here were the result of 's'. Maybe not.
My example is UP-LP003. I had to update three musics by Skope from this musicdisk. The list is in today's additions.
Those three were memory rips. If you're still set up and can run this, are you willing to try the 's' there ? Still didn't get around installing wb 3.1 yet :(

Note that the decrypting tool works on everything (text, raw picture, etc.). This is _very_ useful to retrieve the production text for example. So, if only for that, it great :)

I saved all the modules of up-ep003 with 's' key and the compared to files decrypted with the tool. Each of the 5 modules was identical. Maybe the old AMP files were obtained from some other source, or maybe ripped with something like ProWizard from memory?

I wonder where I got my 3 by Skope from then?

Mine are datestamped 2005 for 2 of them and 2009 for the other. Filesizes are identical.


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