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I'm Starwer, an unknown Amiga module composer

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Hello all !

Beside being a fan and supporter of the old mods of the Amiga time, I used to compose on Amiga as XR or Starwer.
You probably don't know any of my tunes, because my productions were only distributed amongst a very limited circle of French friends (from Lille).

However, the first thing I did when I got a PC in the late 90's was to transfer all the mods I had to my PC. I still own a collection of 350 mods on about 100 MB (few from me, a lot from other authors, games, demos...). I'm wondering whether it could be of interest for you to get these, because I can't find a list of what you already have. I've read that many of you lost their masterpieces, but I might have some...

I really appreciate your preservation initiative and would like to support it as I can.
I just miss a list of these piece (with download) on your site...

cheers !

Hi and welcome,

 Lille .. hum .. I think I remember Xann used to live up there, or near. Completely lost contact with him since Saturne Party 5 (or was it 4 ?). Anyway ..
 Yes, we are interested in finding "lost masterpieces". Of course :) . Send over what you have on our FTP ( - as anonymous). We'll sort it out.
 Can we expect your own stuff ? I mean, if it's completed musics and you wish to spread .. heh.

 Keep in touch

That's uploaded !

Hope this helps!

just to note that the files are retrieved. Thanks.
I've started sorting them up already. The ID3-like tag at the end of each file doesn't help at all since they break compatibility rules of DT .. anyway, it not too time consuming fixing those.
I'll let you know the result shortly, hopefully.

Thanks for keeping me updated ! :)

Sorry for the Tags... if it causes  too much trouble, I can try to retrieve it directly on my Amiga HDD, but that's would be more difficult...


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