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Mods with note periods below/beyond Amiga HW limit

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Finally I stumbled upon a m.k. 4ch mod actually using non standard Amiga note periods. I eventually knew they might exist, but I never encountered any in the wild. So, I'm fixing uade now to detect it and doing some tests to replay it with a software mixing replay (well, just PS3M's m.k. replayer with additional periodtables).

So, I'm looking for test tunes to crash check both the file heuristics and the replayer. Any advice on other mods are more than appreciated;-)


/e: Dalezy made some more of these tunes. Nevertheless, I'm still interested in other mods by other composers.

hum ... please correct me if I misunderstood. You're looking for valid notes out of the 3 octaves range of protracker ? not complete invalid frequencies like all those Promizer 2.0 incorrectly converted to protracker (containing the finetuned freqs).

Then you could focus on "PC tracker composers". For example, MOD.shadowrun by Purple Motion, make me sick by Zodiak, etc.

Hope this helps

Thanks for the quick reply Asle and for the tips about purple motion and zodiak. Just valid notes beyond the 3 Octave Amiga Hw Limit. Don't know if I should bother with incorrect rips or conversion.

I'm not still convinced if I should add replay support for uade or just bail out with a warning like we do with 4ch+ mods, I'm currently just experimenting. *sigh* Those PC-tracker mods are a real nightmare...

ok, some follow-up... I'm came upon a mod by delazy which uses pretty high notes... ;-)

I knew there were extended periods in FT but I didn't know they can even exceed these... Tried now to calculate those periods but I think I screwed up somewhere, so if someone has valid values (or a script to calculate them right) for all 8 octaves I'd be more than happy.

Hey Michael,

 You could either load up Milky and write up all the notes in a new "MOD".
 You could also check OpenMPT source code ( I tried to have a quick look but I don't understand anything with the gazillions of files and directories. No idea where to find what .. :)

 Also, I doubt many are on 8 octaves. My memory may be failing me, but I think it's more like 5 octaves for "old" PC trackers like Taketracker or Fasttracker 1. Someone corrects me :)



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