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Bit O–S Developer:
There is also an official 4chan archive. From: https://nyt.cloud/Misc/Bit%204%20Chan%20Amiga%20Demo-Test%20Culture%20Tracker%20Module%20Music%20Archive%20Official.zip

_Bit 4 Chan Amiga Demo/Test Culture Tracker Module Music Archive Official_

These are the official "tracker" modules I created while active as an Amiga musician.

They had no licence, only an understanding of no abuse, and sense applies.

Highpoints were being #1 on TG Light 92, with Bit Sounds, and #3, three votes from #1, at TG93, with Style Blend, in this amiga demo/test culture, an early adopter culture, that tested this first multimedia homecomputer, to see what it could do, that faded after this phase. And I found it to work well with MIDI and independent music production, and continued with this, before switching to PC.

Please support the official archive, rather than others, that contain tracks that are not mine, etc.

Romance is also a remix for fellow Cinefex Usergroup member Echo.

Bit Rokk is also a clean 10KB, 3 chan for ZX Spectrum Pulseaudio test.

Ywe Cærlyn.
http://www.nyt.cloud (BBS)

Bit O–S Developer:
Some of this is now also used in ghostproductions on: Weedz, Bi-Meýa N Tiah Of The 68erbros Of Þór!

Check it soon out on streaming.


thanks a lot for sharing my friend. Would you, by any chance, have modules from other musicians too?

Kind regards

Bit O–S Developer:
No, I am sorry. I have now mentioned both the official module archive, and Weedz ghostproduction use.

Bit O–S Developer:
See also: "Solar Queen And The Max Pop Girls"


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