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Hello from Poland ^_^


Alan W.:
Hiya, let me introduce myself!
My name is Alan and my Handle names are Amane:OG and N y a p o e m.
I was born at 1998.12.16 :D
I started tracking since December 2015 on 8bitbubsy clone for Windows ( i am too poor for real Amiga :C )
I found ProTracker on YouTube when i saw video called Amiga Music: Jungle / Drum & Bass Compilation. I was amazed bout it and my person just wanted to do same thing.
Not easy but i can handle it!
Previously i was doing music in FL Studio, too boring for me :/
Amen Break and Think Breakbeats Lover !!
Big fan of Celsius, Jabi, Punnik, Hoffman, wasp, THUNDER, 8bitbubsy and Kure's Mental Palpitator
I am happy that i (probably) joined Tracker family!
Nice to meet you Amigans!
Have a nice Day!
Alan W.


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