Mod by Airwalk or Bass?

Started by Axxy, April 07, 2016, 16:56:29

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The mod shlarken-shchelap has appeared on Kestra from Da Party 2 (musicdisk) by Airwalk but it is already on AMP by Bass.

Work your magic Asle, "who's mod is it?"....  ;D


OK, a little late ... the magic needs more spare time :)
Since it comes from an Australian prod containing all the entries for an Oz party, I figure it's definitely not by Bass. However, correct credit is only this picture where you can select musics. No text, in this prod, refer to a 'Airwalk' anywhere. So, I've set up an Australian Airwalk and linked the music to this author. Maybe we'll find information over time.

thanks for the tip.