Incorrect info in amp database [Handle: doktor]

Started by doktor, April 26, 2016, 15:36:45

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Hello Everyone!:).

Who can change information in AMP database. Its about me:

In database is:
Handle:   Doktor
Real Name:   Dariusz Drobnica

Should be:

Handle Doktor
ex. handle Dr. Mike
Real Name: MichaƂ Horodyski

Please help :)

Some fresh stuff You can find here:

Greetz&Respect 4 /\LL Demoscene Memberzz !!:)
Doktor / Investation & Skulls


Hi Doktor,

I must first apologize for this delayed reply. These are difficult times to get spare time these days.
Thanks to Deus-Ex, I've fixed up everything that was still wrong. Should you notice something else, please tell me. I'll try to follow up.