I'm Dj Nest a greek Amiga Jungle Tracker :)

Started by paranoicb, June 16, 2018, 23:38:59

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Hi guys.
I'm new around here but active since 1995 with my amiga jigling those buttons and making some noise.
Internet was not so wide spread back in the days and i didnt have to use internet back in the days or dial up services.
So my music was dug with my amiga for around 15 years until a friend i met on the internet was making music with his amiga. Inspired me again to make a remix of his track.
The track was ''Amiga Junglism's - BlazeUpDafire''  and i made an exclusive RMX that i also printed on 3 exclusive vinyl records.

You can understand from this moment i was back again banging some beats with the oldschool stylez.
Today i have an A600 with a Vampire V600 accelerator to play with and i mostly use digibooster for music mainly
and also use protracker and octamed.
Hope you like my music as you can find it under my :
soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/dj_nest_nesteroulis_vasilis/djnest-war-in-the-jungle8bit-8chdbm

or the AMP handle : http://amp.dascene.net/detail.php?view=16180

Hope to upload some more tracks to the server when i got time to prepair them.



Hi mate,

thanks for your message.. we really look forward receiving more of your musics on our FTP.

keep up the good work!