Started by Asle, October 08, 2017, 15:52:11

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I've written about this on Demozoo Slack channel but it makes sense to have a forum entry to follow this.
I've tried to locate all the entries that were made in the Blacktron Music Compo 1998. From what I can see from their old website (at, there are more than 500 (!) entries , split in 6 categories. Unfortunately, the image doesn't store the entries themselves, as they were stored on an outside FTP site ( Said ftp site was note archived it seems.
So, my request : if anyone has a dump of this site, please give a call. Menace agreed to mirror this on if this somehow surfaces back :)



I've probably got a lot of these entries, but obviously not in their original archives.

A quick scan showed they still have a 1998 datestamp, but not all have a BMP2 credit in the texts... I imagine that Modland has most if not all though, cos they were probably included in my contribution back in the 2000s on the 4 dvd's I sent in.

If you need any I can always check them out more thoroughly.


I believe there's a reality where we could locate the musics listed in the partial results (hoping they were not tempered with by being released through a label or something). But that's 2/5 of them. Hence the request for this FTP dump :)