3 different versions of the same mod..

Started by Axxy, October 15, 2017, 21:28:20

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Just came across this mod by Mytholog called Brux Station.

I already have this same one under Iceman (.ch) called .amboly.  Amp also has them both, but also 3rd version under Coman with the same name, .amboly.. Looks like these 2 are by the same person, just a typo probably from the credits..

Any idea which one wrote it and what production it came from, if any?


Just found 'bonzai supremacy' by Iceman (.ch) and 'everybody pump in' by Mytholog are the same..


'label' by Iceman (.ch) is the same as 'prosperina' by Mytholog.


Nice findings ... but this is all weird. First, I've trashed this Coman that was an obvious mistake by us :)
Now, I couldn't find much to back these music up with prods. Only one, which is a Warp prod, containing a Mytholog version of a music... but then, it is a memory rip _in the demo_ (!?).
Can't decide anything at this point.