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Just FYI: 4champ iOS mod player has been removed from AppStore late in 2017 because I could not get into terms with Apple Review about the use of third party material (i.e. the mods from in the app. It killed my inspiration to work on the project for a good while, but now I've started a github repository to build a brand new open source version of 4champ. There's not that much to share yet, but I've set up a development journal at where you can follow the progress. I'll also be posting about the development on my Twitter account @4champ_app so stay tuned!

... and an update from the relatively hot Finland: 4champ github repo just got an update that puts the radio feature back on the tracks. Now you can build the app yourself with the instructions given on the readme file and start playing some Amiga module goodness again on your iPhone/iPad.

I'm going to be at Datastorm 2018 Gothenburg in early August this year, so if you're there, It'd be great to meet.

Hello buddy,

good to hear that you found motivation back. this is a neat project indeed. :)

next year we go back to Sweden with Asle, Curtcool and Monty.  :)

btw, you also need to visit Revision!

On the news: Search feature implementation now merged to master branch. This version allows search by module name, composer, group or in-module texts (instrument/sample names)

@Crown, thanks! Revision is on my ToDo list, definitely. Would be cool to meet you guys in person there, or in Datastorm... Or maybe you could consider Finland & Assembly? ;)

Hi Florist,

yes, we all need to meet.
I visited Assembly 1992 and 1993, but nowadays it is too much for gamers I think.



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