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Started by Slide, September 15, 2018, 19:59:41

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I used to have some sample-swapper-friends in the Amiga-days, but now it's all VST and such.
Can anyone direct me to a ftp with various synth samples? I use mostly Renoise now but also pushing a little bit of Protracker, so wav-format would be awe-some!

Multi gracias!

// Slide - Polka Brothers


Hi Slide,

Welcome to the forum.

You can find the old ST-XX disks on the following link: https://archive.org/details/AmigaSoundtrackerSamplePacksst-xx

I haven't found a sample repository so far so best is to ask musicians directly or take sample from mods like in the old days (and give credit).  :)

btw, if you happen to have mods for us please send to our ftp. 

cheers buddy


Could try over at ModArchive


There might be mentions of other sources of samples...