New Amiga Demoscene book to be released (in French)!

Started by Crown, October 07, 2018, 21:19:05

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A new book about the Amiga Demoscene has hit the crowdfunding shelves. This one is written in French by Christophe Boucourt. It basically is the review of the 75 best Amiga demos from 1994 to 1993. The volume 1 has an estimated 352 pages and the PDF version costs 10 euros versus 35 euros (postage included) for the hard copy. 

Here is a snapshot of how the book should look like:

Here is an extract of a Demo related article:

More information about the book can be found here:

AMP fully support this great initiative and we hope that more volumes will see the light in the future.


great info and good item.
But why "from 1994 to 1993"? ::)