Fan Art For The Tracker Musicians

Started by Yomaru_Kasuga, January 19, 2019, 06:39:31

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Fan Art for the Tracker Musicians

Hey, Guys!

Do you know about the handsome guy with a bodyguards, also they become a sweetie bodyguard cops?
So now, let's make your design together, and it's time to make an art of criminology of yourself!

This is...
Theme for Yomaru Kasuga
My Sweetie Bodyguard Cops - The Fan Art for the Tracker Musicians

NOTE: This title is based on a fictional character and clothings, created by Yomaru Kasuga on May 2017.

Here's how to draw and design for your artwork logos...

1. Get a large sized bond paper and pencil
2. Take a selfie onto your camera by yourself using a smartphone or tablet PC.
3. Place the smartphone / tablet px on the table
4. Hold your smartphone / tablet pc, copy from your image onto your paper and draw your full body of yourself, including the tagging your tracker musician's name.
   But before you draw the full body of yourself,
   You can download there on my image file within a link below:
   make sure to choose 3 costumes in one that you wearing an attire for a criminology position.
   (Ex. Policeman, Military Outfit, and Security Guard)
5. After drawing your full body of yourself, Use your image scanner devices to scan your paper into your PC.
   For examples of using an image scanner as a brands:
   * Panasonic KV-S1027C
   * Canon Canoscan 9000F Mark II
   * Epson Workforce DS-860N
   * HP Officejet 7612
   * Brother ADW-1600W
   If you don't have an image scanner device at home,
   Please, you buy there with an image scanner devices worldwide (Too much expensive)!
6. Place the image for scanning. Place documents face down on the printer or scanner surface.
7. On your computer, choose your scanning preferences. Then Choose to preview.
8. Click "Scan" button, and use the built in program to guide you through the process.
9. Then Save your photos.
10. After save your picture, renaming your file as "MSBC_DDMMYY.jpg"
   "DDMMYY" that means your date position
   and submit your scanning picture to [email protected]
   including the subject "Fan Art For The Tracker Musicians".

If you don't know how to draw your avatar onto your paper,
1. Take a selfie of yourself as your profile picture
2. Then renaming your file for the following:
   Your tracker musician's name or a handle name, and your country that you live...
   For example: "Yomaru_Kasuga-Philippines.jpg"
3. Then submit your selfie photo to [email protected]
   including the subject "Fan Art For The Tracker Musicians".

REMINDERS: This artwork logo about the "fan art for the tracker musicians" will be added to AMP for the next each future date.
Additions of artwork logos is until May 1, 2019.

To know more about the fan art for the tracker musicians,
Check out of these examples of an avatar as your tracker musicians into the ZIP Archive (separate clip art PNG files included)
Within the download link below:

Enjoy, and happy painting everyone! :-)


Excellent logo my friend and thanks for taking the time to explain in details how you proceeded.

Keep new logo rollin'.  :)