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Right, I'm looking for help to identify the composer of these .it tracker modules.  File list attached (116 mods)... They all sound pretty much by the same person, in the style of Wave, Drax etc.  no comments and no credit :(

I have them named as Slash but not sure who they are by or where I came across them. There must be a reason why I thought they were by a Slash, just not sure which one.

Now, I thought maybe they might be by a couple of them, there was a Slash/ATD and another one I think called Surasshu, maybe after they changed their nickname maybe?

Slash/Surasshu usually credits his own tunes but they are also in .it format unlike any other Slash, unless there is another unknown Slash out there.

If anyone can help identify them or if your the composer of them, feel free to comment...


Upload the modules somewhere?  :)

What site does that nowadays? been awhile..

Average shit. Not DRAX quality.  >:(

I uploaded the archive to AMP FTP anyway. Ain't my bitch.


--- Quote from: Vousti on February 12, 2019, 05:19:44 ---Average shit. Not DRAX quality.  >:(

--- End quote ---

Hence, in the style of.....


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