FTP Uploads' Problem

Started by Yomaru_Kasuga, March 28, 2019, 23:42:26

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I have a problems to upload the modules to AMP. :-(

So, The command says:
When I upload the FTP to Amiga Music Preservation:
and it says:
200 PORT command successful. Consider using PASV.
553 Could not create file.

Now, I have worried about this :-(
What am I gonna do now?


FTP was closed down.
Please read https://amp.dascene.net/upload.php
If you are in a hurry, go to https://amp.dascene.net/upload/ and drop you file there.




hello again,

And I must remind you that I'm waiting for the list of the remaining MID->S3M files that are still available for download, here. I've seen your uploads in the last few days, but I won't use them until the conversion part is settled.

Please, come back to me about that.
All the best,