new server and collateral changes

Started by Asle, March 31, 2019, 21:15:16

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To all our users,

Going back a few weeks ago, we have migrated AMP to a new server (taking care of PHP7 mandatory upgrades and the like). The announcement is only made now since we have had various difficulties here and there.
You can see one of the consequences in the Forum. The old design wouldn't fit anymore with this way more up-to-date version. The second main consequence is the FTP which had to go. The way our new server is set up wouldn't let us easily create an FTP sever. We opted for a cloud solution (Nextcloud). That way, whoever wants to send us something needs only to drop that "something" on

Sylvain for AMP staff


 Can I ask that... How do upload zip archive with modules inside to AMP?


please read for detailed instructions.

As mentioned by Asle in his post, simply go to and drop your archive.

Chiptunes & Cheaptunes & Chipstunes


Thanks Monty and Asle for the hard work!!! much appreciated.  :)