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As the 7Years musicdisk has been added to Demozoo and Amp already has their modules, is Xanth and Xanah the same person or are they two different people?

Seems they are not. I was beginning to think there were 2 Xanth', russian & american but they both share the email addy (.rus and .usa). Xanth has a different real name to Xanah as can be seen from his MC6 entry.

HI Axxy,

thanks for sharing your findings. So what's the conclusion exactly?  :)

I was wondering if Xanth and Xanah were the same person.  I thought it was a typo or something with just one letter different in their nicknames. It turned out that Xanth has an Entry in MC6 Int with his real name in it, different from Xanah, so 2 different people.

Hi dude,

OK, that's perfectly clear. Thanks for sharing the result of your investigations.  :)


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