My modules are not yet to be screened?

Started by Yomaru_Kasuga, April 28, 2019, 11:23:16

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Where is my modules that I uploaded to AMP many weeks ago, and why not yet to be released or screened?

Because it is not to be responded.
- Yomaru Kasuga



Once again, I am waiting for your list of musics. You wrote to me :
QuoteThank you sylvian, I really appreciated that i saw the mark as not downloadable instead of disabling. If i have a time, I want to mark more not downloadable as a MIDI conversions as well.
That was the 4th of March. I've seen no list yet and I'm still waiting. I've written to you and here that I'm waiting for these "more not downloadable as a MIDI conversion".

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Guys, My modules were uploaded to this website in many months ago, but it still not yet to be screening in it? What is the reason about whenever?