Started by Asle, January 01, 2020, 19:58:09

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And .. here we are, it's 2020 already !
So, to everyone, and in the name of AMP team, I wish you all the best for this new year.

This is an opportunity to thank, as usual, every individual who has sent us information and/or material to enrich the collection. Wayyyy to many, yet again, to list you all here.

As far as news go, 2019 was an eventful year, for sure. We migrated to a new server, switched ftp to a cloud, had our share of panic moments when we went off the air for a couple of weeks, etc. Hopefully, it'll be smooth sailing for 2020 :)

The AMP team


Happy 2020, nice ternary digits! Awesome job with AMP, the end-of-the year boost in the uploads was great, a lot of mint tracks in the over 1k new modules in the db during December 2019.


Thanks a lot! I'm very happy of that celebration that would became this year 2020. I've enjoyed my musician career in just 6 years for now.


Happy New Year and thank you for your lasting presence! 

So, isn't it going to be the 20th anniversary this year? It's eons for the internets! It's about time websites of certain merit and age be provided preservation support and legal protection pretty much like historical buildings and the like. ;)


Hey my friend.

yes you are right. on December 14th this year it will be 20 years that AMP went live. :)

celebration time.