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...and ... finally ... we use it as well.

In other words, we are happy to announce that all of the support (in the form of modules and collections) that you have provided us with via the (now defunct) amp ftp over the past few years have been sorted and all the tunes not already in the collection has been added.

Thank you very much for your support, all of you and sorry for the delay. As the changes and modifications list shows, quite a lot of stuff was added in the past few days and weeks, including quite a lot of real, old, 1990's Amiga modules from known and not-so-known demoscene composers - or in other words, the core of AMP's reason to exist.

So, enjoy!

Hi ho

Quite an influx of new material added recently, always appreciated!  ;)

I was beginning to think whoever was adding the latest additions was from Poland haha..

Was this in the "todo" list/queue or was this added from more recent findings/uncoverings?

Yeah ! that's a feat.
Thanks indeed !

And those Polish ones are coming from uploads on the new cloud (btw, whoever is uploading, thanks, but please, stop sending 20x times the same file :) )

Well, some modules from Poland was also added from the collections from the old ftp. Most of the (polish) .mod-files come from there (as in .mod specifically, not xm or s3m or ...) ...

Thanks Curtie and Asle for the hard work. There are many amazing and unknown (until today) tracks from great musicians!


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