Yes, it's a logo

Started by Anarkhya, February 03, 2020, 02:41:12

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...Been a while oO
It's nice to see that some guys stood the test of time, let's see if I still know how to use a forum:

yay, it's working !


Hi Anarkhya.
I was kinda waiting for Crown to come out of hibernation ... I guess there's no internet in Luxembourg until the ice melts away ...
THANKS A LOT for this new logo ! it works indeed :) I've added it.

and yes indeed, we are still around ! It's really appreciated you remembered us too :)



Hehe, blaming crown for his lack of presence is still a tradition, cool, some things never change! :D


Hey buddy,

this is great to hear from you and sorry for the "hibernation" but I was indeed swamped with work (and snow too) :)

please send me an email at crown{at]

your logo is fab (as always) and I hope you will keep them rollin. :)



I had a new logo for AMP is about Ransom Notes 91. This logo is made with these software uses: Picsay Pro for Android, and NCH Software Videopad for Windows. My comment is: This logo made visuality GIF Animation look like Hip-Hop Style from 80's and 90's.